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8 Video Game Characters Who Deserve the #BabyNut Treatment


8 Video Game Characters Who Deserve the #BabyNut Treatment

Baby versions of characters have been taking the world by storm recently. Baby Groot started the trend a few years back and Baby Yoda is huge right now. But the little guy everyone is going crazy over now is Baby Nut.

It took the death of Mr. Peanut and some magic tears from the Kool-Aid Man to spawn this immaculate being. Maybe the giant glass pitcher could also spare some of his salty elixir for these eight gaming characters to give them their own baby reboots.

Each one of these characters either haven’t had a new game for a long time or likely won’t see one any time soon. Since baby versions of characters are all the rage, let’s see how developers could cash in on this and rake in the dough.

Nathan Drake

baby nut
Source: Collider

Naughty Dog was almost ahead of the game in Uncharted 4 when they let you play as a younger version of Nathan Drake. Unfortunately, they didn’t go all in and completely revert the iconic character to his crawling days.

Forget your guns and get ready to throw some toys in Uncharted 5: Small Beginnings. Toy guns are a bit too much for babies, so some hard toys should do the trick. Use your journal to do some finger paintings of your discoveries.

Just because you’re a baby doesn’t mean that you can’t do any platforming. Use your wrist leash to climb over the baby gate and explore exciting new areas of the house like the guest room and the basement.

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