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8 Video Game Characters Who Deserve the #BabyNut Treatment


8 Video Game Characters Who Deserve the #BabyNut Treatment

Baby versions of characters have been taking the world by storm recently. Baby Groot started the trend a few years back and Baby Yoda is huge right now. But the little guy everyone is going crazy over now is Baby Nut.

It took the death of Mr. Peanut and some magic tears from the Kool-Aid Man to spawn this immaculate being. Maybe the giant glass pitcher could also spare some of his salty elixir for these eight gaming characters to give them their own baby reboots.

Each one of these characters either haven’t had a new game for a long time or likely won’t see one any time soon. Since baby versions of characters are all the rage, let’s see how developers could cash in on this and rake in the dough.

Nathan Drake

baby nut
Source: Collider

Naughty Dog was almost ahead of the game in Uncharted 4 when they let you play as a younger version of Nathan Drake. Unfortunately, they didn’t go all in and completely revert the iconic character to his crawling days.

Forget your guns and get ready to throw some toys in Uncharted 5: Small Beginnings. Toy guns are a bit too much for babies, so some hard toys should do the trick. Use your journal to do some finger paintings of your discoveries.

Just because you’re a baby doesn’t mean that you can’t do any platforming. Use your wrist leash to climb over the baby gate and explore exciting new areas of the house like the guest room and the basement.


We already know that Samus can be a responsible parent of a Metroid, but what if the tables are turned? This time Samus is turned into a baby instead of losing her powers. Now, a Metroid larva needs to help Samus navigate Zebes in Metroid: Other S.

The only catch is that Samus still has access to all of her powers but her suit has adapted internally to fit her smaller stature. Despite that, she doesn’t have full control of her abilities or motor skills.

That’s right, Metroid Samus will finally be able to crawl. The main part of the gameplay is Samus almost crawling into lava or acid and being saved by the Metroid at the last second. She’ll also randomly fire off Super Missiles and Charge Shots since she’s a baby and has no idea what she’s doing.

Banjo & Kazooie

The only thing cuter than one baby animal is two baby animals. With this reboot, there will be a bit of creating a new history. You’ll play as baby Banjo and Kazooie growing up together as childhood friends exploring around Spiral Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie: We’re Sorry It’s Not Threeie.

At the time, Banjo was still a stumbling little cub and Kazooie was just learning to use her wings. Yet, they wouldn’t let that keep them from greatness. Most of the early game is them learning how to fight and fly.

Once you get into the meat of it (about 20 hours in), then it would really start to get good. By then it would become your typical Banjo collectathon where you pick up pacifiers, rattles, diapers, blankets, and about only 15 other different kinds of collectibles.

Captain Falcon

baby nut
Source: Milk Steak via YouTube

Get ready for the fastest (and possibly only) stroller racing game you’ve ever seen. You won’t be able to look at racing games the same way ever again once Captain Falcon gets the Baby Nut treatment in F-Zero: BX. The B stands for baby.

Whether it’s good or bad, it’s sure to completely ruin the racing genre for you. Remember relaxing in a stroller and going for a new relaxing walk back in the day? Of course you don’t so you better not lie to me. But if you did then this game would ruin that memory forever too.

Blazing through Mute City as Baby Captain Falcon in a stroller running at thousands of miles per hour would be an unforgettable experience. Then the final cutscene would reveal the final twist: it was all just their imagination. That would surely get rave reviews.

Crash Bandicoot

baby nut
Source: ProsafiaGaming via YouTube

Baby Crash would be so cute and might challenge Baby Nut and Baby Yoda for the cutest baby versions of established characters. Don’t worry, this baby will still have his trademark attitude in Crash Bandicoot: Wild Child.

Tossing flaming diapers and destroying a screen of enemies with ear-splitting wails would just scratch the surface of this wild child’s arsenal. Most importantly, You can’t have Crash without his spin. However, it’s not Crash’s main move since his shorter arms hinder the reach of the attack.

Since this baby bandicoot won’t be able to jump too well (not that he can as an adult) this game would have to be more like a beat ’em up. To even the odds, all the tradition Crash enemies would also become babyfied. We already have the baby Crash render so this reboot is ready to go.

Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud has been down in the dumps for too long. It’s time to revive this franchise with the power of Baby Nut. If you’ve ever heard of or played Toy Commander, then this will seem pretty familiar. Get ready for Star Fox: Four.

I get it, four isn’t a baby, but it’s close enough for what we’re trying to do here. There would be a big story element of how Fox grew up with his absent father, James, and how it pushed him into taking the helm of Star Fox after his dad.

The gameplay will mostly focus on recreation of James’ missions in the form of Fox playing them out with Arwing toys. You fly around Fox’s childhood home and all the sound effects come from the mouth of our young hero.


baby nut

Kittens are the cutest things in the world, so this game might be too much to handle with the realism we would get on the Xbox Series X. Still, giving Blinx the Baby Nut treatment would be a great way to bring back an original Xbox icon in Blinx: Forward to the Past.

I know that’s a dumb name, but it serves a purpose. Just like past games, there would be platforming and time manipulation (fast forward, rewind, etc.). Each level would start you out as the regular Blinx, but he would start to age backward if you overuse the time manipulation of his TS-1000.

You wouldn’t lose access to any of your abilities, but it will make clearing out time monsters a bit more tedious. But if you’re having some trouble, then you could sucker enemies in by rolling on your back to ask for belly rubs, then strike when they least expect it.

Duke Nukem

This little baby is gonna kick ass and chew pacifiers and he’s all out of pacies. Let the Duke die like Mr. Peanut did and then give him a supernatural Baby Nut revival in Duke Nukem: Duke Newkem.

You’ll be playing as a baby, but you can’t have a Duke Nukem game without Duke’s trademark quips. There would be all your favorite classic lines spoken by a 100% certified real baby with some slight modifications to fit a baby character.

The voice is important, but Duke Nukem needs to have solid gameplay. It’ll stick to an FPS view and you’ll still be using the same guns like the sawed-off shotgun and the gatling gun. Very little would be changed, but making Duke a baby could make him seem less obnoxious.

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