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6 Ways Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Can Fend Off Apex Legends Season 4


6 Ways Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Can Fend Off Apex Legends Season 4

New Weapons

fortnite harpoon gun

If there’s one thing that’s been really noticeable as part of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1, it’s been the stripped-back arsenal of weapons we’ve had in comparison to past seasons.

Where in previous seasons there were about three or four different types of Assault Rifle, numerous shotguns, SMGs, launchers, and weird and wonderful weapons for players to use, Chapter 2 simplified everything. There’s no longer half as many weapons, but it has somewhat simplified the pros and cons of each weapon in different combat scenarios. Though we’re still not over the loss of the beloved Hunting Rifle. F… F.

Chapter 2 Season 1’s not been completely devoid of new additions to the roster of weapons. The Harpoon Gun made its debut, offering a faster way to fish, as well as deal damage to your opponents. Sidegrading also introduced the Heavy Assault Rifle, albeit in a limited fashion (you can only get it from sidegrading).

We’ve had a great time messing around with all the weapons on offer, but it would be nice to have some more thought-out additions introduced in the next 10-week season. A single-shot or semi-automatic rifle would be neat… can you tell we really miss that Hunting Rifle?

Whatever Epic decides to add (if it does opt to add new weapons in Chapter 2 Season 2), they need to be balanced. The first ‘Chapter’ of Fortnite was marred by unpopular additions to the game that felt massively unbalanced. The Stormwing planes and mechs, for example, stuck around for whole seasons despite being largely unpopular and overpowered. The same can be said for the Quad Launcher and Guided Missile.

New weapons are fun, but the meta is more important. Here’s hoping Epic keeps that in mind when making any new additions to Fortnite’s arsenal. We’re looking at you, hinted dynamite.

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