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You Voted & Our Readers Think Video Game Delays Are Mostly Nothing to Worry About

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You Voted & Our Readers Think Video Game Delays Are Mostly Nothing to Worry About

Last week we asked our readers here at Twinfinite how they felt about all of these high-profile video game delays and just delays in general. Are delays the sign of troubled development or are the developers just trying to get things right and deliver a solid product?

We put up a poll about a week ago on the Twinfinite Twitter account to find out how the majority of our audience feels about video game delays and it turns out that 83% of the votes went towards delays being a good sign and the other 17% thought it was a bad sign.

You can see the poll below:

There were also some comments left behind by some of the more vocal folks that follow us –some good and some bad ones.

Here were some of the mixed comments that were left:

@Naranjaspencer: “Furthermore, let your devs, artists, testers, and everyone work humane hours. Crunch time is bullshit and takes advantage of salaried employees to overwork them. Delay if you gotta, it’s just our entertainment. No one dies if it comes out late.”

@Berethor_90: “I’d say it’s pretty bad when you come out to delay your game AND announce that your employees will have to work overtime. Seems like a major mismanagement if you ask me.”

@Functioningmute: “Said bad but that’s mostly when I’ve seen then saying something’s delayed and I go “good, you’re taking your time so you aren’t “crunch” working your people” instantly followed by them saying “we’ll still need to crunch in this time” making the crunch last longer.

@Candyslam_: “This is complicated for me. I don’t mind delays or waiting for games. What I dislike is when a game is delayed, but the employees are still forced to crunch. But, I also think that if a game is delayed/postponed for too long, it will die in Production Hell so…

@Krazerkap: “It depends on the situation. It could go either way.”

We also put up a short survey that asked several questions regarding the recent slew of video game delay announcements, and you can check out the results down below:

Most folks seem to be excited for Cyberpunk 2077 over any other of the delayed titles but Final Fantasy VII Remake was pretty close.

The general feelings towards delays were very, very mixed but the majority seem to be okay with the delay as long as the game is better for it.

video game delays

Similar to our Twitter poll, most readers generally think that it’s a good sign that a game gets delayed.

video game delays

And there you have it, folks. I think we can all agree that video game delays are always going to have mixed reactions from most fans out there, especially those who have been waiting patiently for a certain game to come out. But as Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

If you’re reading this and never got the chance to participate in the initial vote, you can still share your thoughts with us by going down to the comments section below!

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