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Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore: Best Skills to Get First

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore: Best Skills to Get First

Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore is finally available on the Nintendo Switch, and it comes packed with all previously released DLCs and some new content as well. Here are our picks for the best skills you should get first in Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore Best Skills to Get First

Before we get started, it should be noted that this isn’t an exhaustive list. We’ll just be listing the best skills that you should try to get first early on in the game to give you a better start in your dungeon crawls.

  • Director Itsuki: When you perform a Session Overkill, the target will switch instantly and attacks will ignore affinities.
  • Smash Hit: The SP Gauge increases further if a Session includes more than two combos.
  • Safety Leader: Enemies will have a harder time getting a surprise attack on you at the start of a battle.
  • Prize Winner: Increases the Performa and money gained through Session Bonuses.
  • Traport: Returns you to the Fortuna Office from inside the Idolasphere in an instant.
  • Gentle Embrace: When the cast member performs a healing action, the amount healed is increased.
  • Rainbow Vocals: Heals a small amount of EP upon winning a battle.

You should be able to get these skills and Radiant Unities by the end of chapter 3 or 4, and will improve your survivability in dungeons.

Director Itsuki is one of the earliest skills you can pick up for Itsuki as his Stage Rank increases, and provides you with a way to wipe out enemy groups in a single turn. After killing an enemy with a skill that exploits its weakness, all follow-up Session Attacks will automatically target the next enemy, allowing you to deal extra damage.

Rainbow Vocals is one of the best skills available to Kiria, and allows you to restore a bit of EP with each battle you’ve won. Given how difficult it can be to manage EP in dungeons, you’ll definitely want this one ASAP.

Outside of that, Traport and Safety Leader ensure that you’ll always have an easy way out of dungeons in case you need to make a quick escape, and also lower your chances of getting back attacked by enemies. And finally, Prize Winner just gives you a small money boost from winning battles, which is always helpful.

That’s all you need to know about the best skills and Radiant Unities to get first in Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore. Be sure to search for Twinfinite and check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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