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4 Things You Should Know Before Starting Dragon Ball Z Kakarot


4 Things You Should Know Before Starting Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

It’s Heavy on RPG Systems

4 Things You Should Know Before Starting Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

The last few Dragon Ball games have been fighting-focused, but Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a bit of a different beast. There are multilayered elements of RPG systems, all of which are focused on developing the strength of Goku and friends.

This starts with a basic leveling system and experience, which you’ll earn through battles and quests. Past that you can collect food and create meals, which will give you temporary boosts on top of permanent stat increases for the character that eats it. There’s also a skill system with a massive skill tree for each character.

If all that wasn’t enough, you have things called Community Boards and Soul Emblems. These emblems represent characters and you can slot them into a variety of boards, each of which enhance or boost some aspect for you. For example, the training board boosts the amount of XP you get, while the cooking board boosts the bonuses you get from eating food.

Don’t go into Kakarot expecting a simple fighting experience, although the combat system is similar to past games. There’s a lot to dig into here, and for RPG fans it’s a treat.

You’re Replaying the Series’ Story, But There Are New Elements

4 Things You Should Know Before Starting Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Yes that’s right, once again you’ll be playing through the main story of Dragon Ball Z, following the Saiyan Saga all the way through the Buu Saga. Considering this is an RPG, the story isn’t quite as brief as other Dragon Ball games, and you’ll be seeing more of the details along the way.

While the draw here is seeing the epic fights and moments in the gorgeous new engine, there are some new elements in the mix. This comes in the form of sub-stories.

You can explore the world, of course, but sub-stories are optional missions that often involve classic characters, and new bits of story. For example, you can see what characters like Launch and Niner are up to in the DBZ timeline.

There are even a few entirely new elements like Bonyu, a brand new character who’s part of Frieza’s Ginyu Force.

Nothing in the main story is changed, but there’s ample reason for longtime fans to jump in.

Despite the Name, You Aren’t Just Playing as Goku

Kakarot is first and foremost about the journey of Goku, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only one you’ll be playing as. If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball you’ll know that at multiple points in the story Goku is either gone or dead, he sure seems to die a lot.

During these moments and others, you’ll be playing as other characters like Gohan, Piccolo, or Vegeta. These characters each level and grow independently, and have their own set of skills.

That then factors into building a party later on, with characters that can assist Goku in battle.

It’s Not Open-World But Still Has Exploration

A lot of talk leading up to Kakarot talks about how you can explore the world of Dragon Ball, and while that’s true, it’s certainly not an open-world game.

Different zones will open up as you make your way through each saga, and you can travel between these by opening the world map. Each of these zones is a wide-open area that you can roam around in finding villages, sub-stories, food, materials, enemies, and more.

Most of the game’s exploration is based on finding items that factor into character progression, but you’re free to do what you want, whether that’s hunting some dinosaurs or playing a baseball minigame.

If you’re jumping into the game, make sure to check out our Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot guide wiki for tips and tricks.

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