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Temtem: How to Fast Travel (Smoke Bombs, Airships, Mounts)

Temtem fast travel

Temtem: How to Fast Travel (Smoke Bombs, Airships, Mounts)

As you’re going about collecting Temtem and battling them against all the other NPCs you can find wandering around the world, you’re likely going to want to get somewhere a little faster than you can walk. Fortunately, this guide will talk you through everything you need to know about Temtem’s fast travel system.

Temtem Fast Travel Explained

Okay, so officially, Temtem has one ‘proper’ fast travel system, alongside two means of getting about a little bit faster, albeit with some caveats. Let’s run you through each of them.

Smoke Bombs

Right now, Smoke Bombs are the only one of the three ‘fast travel’ systems that are currently available in Temtem.

That being said, they won’t give you the freedom to travel wherever you want to in a flash. Instead, they’ll take you back to the last Temporium you visited wherever you are. Think of them like Escape Ropes in Pokemon.

While it’s not the same as having the complete freedom of being able to ‘fast travel’ to anywhere you want, it can be used quite handily when embarking on a lengthy quest.

After beating numerous NPCs and reaching your destination, you can use Smoke Bombs to return to the last Temporium you visited in a flash.

Using Temtem Mounts

Unfortunately, mounts haven’t made it into Temtem just yet. These will allow you to traverse the open-world a lot faster than your simple walking speed.

As we noted above, mounts haven’t been added into Temtem just yet. However, you will be able to use them by opening up the menu, and heading right to the bottom of the first column.

Here, you’ll find the ‘Mounts’ option currently greyed out. When it’s been added to the game, we’ll update this section with using mounts to fast travel in Temtem.

Using Airships to Fast Travel in Temtem

Finally, there are airships, which are the way to properly fast travel in Temtem. There is a docked airship at Arissola, but right now, walking over to it and talking to the NPCs will result in them telling you there’s no room on the flight.

Furthermore, you’ll find a number of these airship docks dotted around the map. As such, chances are we’ll be able to use airships to fast travel around Temtem’s world, but they’ve not gone live in the game just yet.

That’s everything you need to know on how to fast travel in Temtem. We’ve also got guides on how to heal, getting climbing gear, and hatching eggs, just to name a few.

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