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PlayStation Store Free Games for Week of Jan. 21 (DLC, Themes & More)

Jan. 21 Free PSN items

PlayStation Store Free Games for Week of Jan. 21 (DLC, Themes & More)

Every Tuesday, when the PlayStation Store updates, there is a selection of newly added free items for the PS4 that often go overlooked. To get the best bang for your buck (AKA free PSN stuff), let’s sift the free games, DLC, and Themes out from the paid, shall we?

Free PSN Games

We’re entering our last couple weeks of January so if you haven’t yet, it’s time to grab your four free PlayStation Plus games. Four because, as you probably well know, the Nathan Drake Collection includes all three of the Uncharted games released for the PS3. That’s not a bad deal for three full games.


This week we have the usual free-to-play games giving out their PS+ bonuses, but we also have actual DLC. Between VR game Blind Spot, Monster Hunter clone Dauntless, and Bus Simulator, it’s quite possible there could be something for everyone.

Free PSN Themes/Avatars

Yet another week of the new year without either of these items being free. There are never really trends to follow with the store, with the exception of the free-to-play games are subscriber bonuses, so your best bet is to keep checking back week to week to keep filling up your download library with free stuff.

That’s all there is this week, but be sure to check out previous weeks if you have missed them to pick up anything that catches your fancy.

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