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Nintendo, Please Tell Us More About These 7 Switch Games


Nintendo, Please Tell Us More About These 7 Switch Games

Metroid Prime 4

switch, 2020

All one needs to do to understand the excitement for this Switch game is search YouTube for the numerous reaction videos to a video of a logo that Nintendo showed off in their 2017 E3 presentation. Even as 2020 rears its head we haven’t seen more than that first reveal.

Unfortunately, about 19 months later the progress on the project was scrapped and given to the creators of Metroid Prime, Retro Studios. Almost one year later and we still don’t know anything about this game.

Either they don’t have much to show off yet since they’re only one year into development or they’re doing a great job of hiding how far along they are. Metroid fans are starved for any new details and 2020 seems like the right time to finally show off this game.

Even if the title is set to release in 2021 or later, it’s hard for fans to remain optimistic considering the history of Metroid Prime 4’s development. Even an early render of Samus would be enough to make these deprived fans happy.

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