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6 Games Like Hitman If You’re Looking for Something Similar

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6 Games Like Hitman If You’re Looking for Something Similar

So, having finished all of IO Interactive’s Hitman series, you’re hungry for something more? Fear not, we’re here with a list of games like Hitman to help satiate your appetite for stealth action!

This list will focus on those that echo the same emphasis on sandbox design, open-ended mission structure, and sneaking with the help of disguises.


Essentially an indie Hitman game, Wetwork (a euphemism for an assassination) is heavily inspired by the Hitman series and more similar in design and premise to it than any other game you’ll find on this list.

The game is structured almost identically, tasking players with eliminating a target within a small sandbox as cleanly as possible. Each can be taken out in a myriad of different ways, with various gadgets, weapons, and disguises available.

Before you excitedly rush over to the Steam store for immediate purchase, though, it’s worth pointing out that Wetwork is still in Early Access. It appears to have quite some way to go before a full launch, too, and development progress seems to be moving along at a fairly slow pace.

At the time of writing this article, there appears to be just a handful of levels available. Although, at just $10 it might be worth a punt for the diehard Hitman fan.

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