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4 Games That Went AWOL in 2019


4 Games That Went AWOL in 2019


BioMutant, games that went awol 2019

Honestly, BioMutant looks like it’ll be THQ Nordic’s best game since the publisher resurfaced and attempted to fill the A-tier games void that was left back at the beginning of the early 2010’s.

Players assume the role of a weird mutant animal that’s also adept at martial arts and has a bunch of other abilities no animal should probably possess.

There’s extensive customization options, and as you progress, your customization choices and chosen abilities will develop and evolve to become even more powerful. It’s all rather exciting-sounding stuff.

Despite being announced back in 2017 for a 2018 release, we’ve still not got our hands on BioMutant. Heck, we haven’t seen much of the game considering it’s been in development for a good couple of years now.

A financial report from the publisher’s parent company suggested that the game was no longer going to hit its 2019 release, and had been pushed back into 2020.

THQ Nordic has been oddly quiet on BioMutant, considering anticipation levels for the game are on the rise with every announcement made. Here’s hoping we hear something about it soon. PS5 and Xbox Series X launch title maybe? Possibly.

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