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Fortnite: Dance at Mount H7, Mount F8 & Mount Kay Locations

fortnite, mount H7, F8

Fortnite: Dance at Mount H7, Mount F8 & Mount Kay Locations

The Cameo vs. Chic Overtime mission has arrived in Fortnite and players have another bunch of objectives to grind through to keep them busy. One challenge requires players to ‘Dance at Fortnite’s Mount H7, Mount F8, and Mount Kay.’

Down below, we’ve broken down where you can find each of these mountains for you to bust a move on.

Fortnite Mount H7, Mount F8, Mount Kay Locations Map

fortnite mount h7, mount f8, mount kay
  • Mount H7 – H7
  • Mount F8 – F8
  • Mount Kay – G7

Mount H7 Location

The good news regarding this, is that all of the mountains you’re needing to dance at the top of are stupidly easy to find. In fact, the clues to their whereabouts are in their names.

Mount H7 can be found in grid reference H7. It’s the mountain in the very north of this block, stretching into H6. Its summit is at the southern end, and is quite pronounced so make sure you’re running right up to the top of this before dancing.

Mount F8 Location

Fortnite Mount F8

Fortnite’s Mount F8 can, unsurprisingly, be found in grid reference F8. The best way to know you’re on the right mountain is to land south of Misty Meadows and make sure you’re on the east side of the river flowing south from the named location.

Fortnite Mount F8

Mount F8 is right next to this river’s east bank, and you’ll be able to see Misty Meadows clearly from the top.

Fortnite Mount Kay Location

Fortnite Mount Kay

Finally, Mount Kay can be found right in between Mount H7 and Mount F8. It also has the weather station half-way up it, and is the tallest mountain in Fortnite that you can climb.

Fortnite Mount Kay

Its summit is also marked by an orange flag on the top. Make sure you climb right to the top of all of these mountains before you start dancing, otherwise it won’t count towards the Cameo vs. Chic Overtime challenge.

That’s everything you need to know on how to dance at Mount H7, Mount F8, and Mount Kay in Fortnite.

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