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Fortnite Food Truck Locations: Where to Visit Food Trucks (Chapter 2 Season 1)


Fortnite Food Truck Locations: Where to Visit Food Trucks (Chapter 2 Season 1)

The Fortnite Overtime challenges have just arrived in Chapter 2 Season 1. Players will need to track down Fortnite food truck locations in order to complete the ‘Visit Food Trucks’ mission that’ll help you earn the Purple Remedy Style for the skin unlocked at Tier 40 on the Battle Pass. Here’s where to find food trucks in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1.

Fortnite Food Truck Locations Map

To complete this challenge, you need to visit three food trucks across the map. We’ve marked them all on our map down below, as well as closeups of each location a little further down.

Fortnite food truck locations

North of Pleasant Park – D2

Head north of this named location to find a food truck parked up by some camper vans. It’s also just by the road north of where that big ol’ ice throne was for Winterfest.

South of Salty Springs – D4

Head directly south of Salty Springs and you’ll come across an area just next to the river south of it. There are some canopies and tables, with a food truck just next to them.

fortnite food truck locations

North of Lazy Lake – F5

For this one, look for the road that runs horizontal just north of Lazy Lake. Here, you’ll find the Fork Knife food truck that you can visit for this challenge.

South of Retail Row – G7

The last food truck you can find is up on the mountains to the south of Retail Row. It’s just by a park bench on its own, and it’s a Snow Cones truck. It’s orange so stands out very clearly against the white of the snow.

fortnite food truck locations

You don’t need to do anything once you’ve visited these Fortnite food truck locations. Simply walk close enough to them and you’ll have successfully made progress towards this Overtime challenge.

There you have all Fortnite food truck locations. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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