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DBZ: Kakarot vs One Piece: World Seeker – Which Is the Better Anime Game?


DBZ: Kakarot vs One Piece: World Seeker – Which Is the Better Anime Game?

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot may have its issues, but it’s still making waves for its stellar presentation of the Dragon Ball universe in an open world setting. It isn’t the first time this has been said of a game based on a famous anime property though, which is why we’re here to answer the question: Which is better, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, or One Piece: World Seeker?


When it comes to graphical fidelity, both Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and One Piece: World Seeker are head and shoulders above other anime video game adaptations.

Each sees their respective characters and settings portrayed in stunning HD, with a cel-shaded aesthetic that brings their characters to life. Every goofy expression by Luffy and his crew mates, and every pained grimmace or scowl Goku and the Z Fighters shoot to villains during their fights, are a sight to behold.

And that’s to say nothing of the environments. Both Kakarot and World Seeker present players with stunningly detailed worlds, full of roaring waterfalls, wind sweeping across grassy plains and rocky crags hiding secrets and treasures. Players can spend hours lost in the environments, exploring and adventuring to their heart’s content.

And yet, in terms of aesthetic, Kakarot edges out World Seeker for one simple reason: It doesn’t take its graphical prowess too far. It finds a nice balance between stunning visuals and maintaining the feel of a Dragon Ball game, and manages to keep you feeling like you’re in the world from the series.

World Seeker, meanwhile, has environments that can feel a bit too realistic for the bouncy, zany antics of Luffy and his friends, and as a result can create a disconnect that keeps you just out of that perfect immersion sweet-spot.

Winner: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

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