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7 Big Video Game Rumors That’d Make 2020 Even Crazier


7 Big Video Game Rumors That’d Make 2020 Even Crazier

As the arrival of the next console generation sits tantalizingly on the horizon and major game releases continue to elude us, it feels as though the video game industry is in the midst of a calm before a storm. We’re expecting big things later in 2020, but the fireworks haven’t quite started. When they eventually do, things could get even more explosive if a number of persistent rumors prove true. Here we’re going to run through a wishlist of the most popular ones that would make this year a real corker.

Switch Pro Model

Rumors of a more powerful Nintendo Switch console, in the same vein as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, first cropped up well over a year ago now.

They then swiftly died down after it became apparent that Nintendo was moving ahead with a cheaper, less capable Switch Lite. Now, thank goodness, we’re hearing rumblings once again that Nintendo is readying a Switch Pro.

Sharper graphics, a better screen, a chunkier battery — surely, this is the definitive Switch version that everyone wants?

More than just being able to finally play Breath of the Wild at a stable 30fps, a revised Switch model capable of running more demanding third-party games would go down a treat.

Particularly so, as Sony and Microsoft are about to move the performance benchmark in a big way with their upcoming consoles. It’s time for Nintendo to up its game too.

Earlier this year, Digitimes claimed that Nintendo is “planning to release in mid-2020 a new model of Switch, which will begin volume production at the end of first-quarter 2020,” according to its sources. The new model is to have a better CPU and a magnesium alloy body. Fingers crossed it’s accurate.

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