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10 Best The Witcher 3 Quests You Have to Check Out

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10 Best The Witcher 3 Quests You Have to Check Out

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, feature dozens of incredibly impactful and well-written quests. The last adventures of the White Wolf are considered by many to be the current benchmark against which all other game’s quests are measured.

Some are better than others, of course, but judged as a whole, The Witcher 3’s quests are a good step up from the usual RPG fare (you can read our in-depth review of The Witcher 3 right here). As these quests are far better experienced than described, I will endeavor to keep them spoiler-free, and instead outline what makes them so essential to any playthrough.

10. Warble of A Smitten Knight

Warble of A Smitten Knight Witcher

Warble of a Smitten Knight is a tale of tortured and unrequited love and is available early on during the Blood and Wine expansion. A young knight, Guillaume de Launfal, seeks Geralt’s aid as he vies for the attentions of Vivienne de Tabris, the beautiful and enchanting lady-in-waiting to Duchess Anna Henrietta.

Guillaume is wounded in knightly combat attempting to catch Vivienne’s eye during a tourney and appeals to Geralt to take his place, and thus win an audience with Vivienne. In doing so, Geralt can either compete under his own name or under the pseudonym “Ravix of Fourhorn”, earning a unique set of tournament armor and weaponry in the process.

Geralt early on determines that there is more to Vivienne than meets the eye, and the quest’s climax features some truly heartbreaking and memorable scenes. There are a variety of ways things can play out, and some of the decisions you will be asked to make will truly give you pause, whether you are a romantic or not.

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