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4 Games That, If Announced at TGA 2019, Would Literally Save the World


4 Games That, If Announced at TGA 2019, Would Literally Save the World

Skate 4

In the beginning, humans were hunters and gatherers. We didn’t have much ambition and all that was on our minds was survival and procreation.

No one in the Palaeolithic Era could have dreamed of even landing an ollie, much less ripping off a Fakie 720 Quadruple Kickflip Sexchange. The story of humankind then, was that of a humble species slowly advancing themselves to the point where all of this could become possible.

Eventually, skateboards were created and humans could finally begin to think beyond their meager existence to this point, but it wasn’t enough. Only a select few possessed the skills necessary to experience the thrill of sticking a sweet Fakie Nollie 360. We had to dream bigger.

The top minds in game development eventually invented the skateboarding video game, but it wasn’t enough; we had to go even further.

Then, one day in 2007, perfection was achieved and Skate was released to the masses by developers EA Blackbox. The journey was complete and our ancestors could rest easy knowing that anyone with access to a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 could “flick it” in an open-world environment.

EA Blackbox couldn’t have known at the time just how important and critical their magnum opus would be.

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