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PlayStation Store Free Games for Week of Dec. 10 (DLC, Themes & More)

PlayStation Free PSN

PlayStation Store Free Games for Week of Dec. 10 (DLC, Themes & More)

Every Tuesday, when the PlayStation Store updates, there is a selection of newly added free items for the PS4 that often go overlooked. To get the best bang for your buck (AKA free PSN stuff), let’s sift the free games, DLC, and Themes out from the paid, shall we?

Free PSN Games

We’re now well enough into December that while you have the time before the PlayStation Plus free games expire and we head into what the new year has to offer, but now is the best time while you are reading this.

The PS+ games for the month of December 2019 are:


If you’ve been following the weekly posts is shouldn’t surprise you that there are free-to-play games offering free packs, but if you are playing them and are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, it is a nice little holiday treat. On top of that, enjoy new content for Cities: Skylines that is free for anyone.

Free PSN Themes

While everyone is in the decorating spirit for the holidays, keep it going with a free Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice dynamic theme that spreads the holiday spirit.

Free PSN Avatars

Nothing on the avatar front week, but last week did have a pack from the game Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.

That covers all the free items for this week, be sure to check back next week as the free stuff continues to roll in with the cheer.

If you’ve missed the previous couple of weeks and want to check in, they can be found here:

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