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6 Disturbing, Missable Moments in Nintendo Games That Freaked Me Out


6 Disturbing, Missable Moments in Nintendo Games That Freaked Me Out

We all know that Nintendo has the ability to stray towards the dark side every now and then. Whether it’s Giygas, Dead Hand or basically any Pokedex entry, the so-called kiddie company has more than its fair share of disturbing content under its belt.

Sometimes, however, things are not quite so blatant, and their relative obscurity is enough to make them that much more bone-chilling. As an aficionado of minute details, I thought I’d take a look at some things in Nintendo games that give me the willies.

Maybe after sharing this list, I’ll have given you the willies too — and not in that unfortunate manner that got me banned from Burger King.

Foolish Monkey’s Punishment (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

Zelda monkey

We come out of the gates with the most obvious one, because hot damn we gotta sell tickets, baby. Majora’s Mask is just generally upsetting in every facet, with horrors ranging from the leering moon to even just the painful transformations Link suffers whenever he puts on a mask.

The Foolish Monkey can sometimes be forgotten, though, as his most disturbing scene is actually optional, and the only reason you would ever see it is to satisfy your own morbid curiosity. Don’t worry, I won’t kinkshame you.

After being accused of kidnapping the Deku Princess, this adorable fella is sentenced to a punishment by the belligerent king. You’ll venture into the cage for a quick chat, he sings you a lovely little monkey song, and then you’re ejected with your mission in place.

Most rational people then head straight to the nearby Woodfall Temple to rescue the princess, and she returns in the nick of time to tell her father “daddy, you so stupid.” Everyone has a good time, they all share a good laugh about it, and the king learns a valuable lesson to always trust monkeys when in doubt.

If you’re so inclined however, you can return to the royal chamber to discover exactly what the punishment entails. Now, you’ll find the monkey strung up over a pot of boiling water. Or oil. Or acid. Or Deku pee. It could be anything in there, really, the only thing for sure is that it doesn’t look pleasant.

It’s a harrowing enough image as it is, but if you decide to engage in a discussion with the monkey, the Dekus will actually dunk him into the scalding liquid. When he comes out, he’s completely silent and motionless.

Why exactly we needed to see the full severity of the punishment is anyone’s guess, but it really makes me feel icky inside. The writhing ape going into the drink. The Deku servants dancing about with sinister glee. The mad king taunting the condemned, his enraged face glowing crimson.

On the plus side, the monkey only has to suffer this agony for three days before everyone dies anyway. It’s not the best case scenario, but it sure beats what he’s got going on right now.

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