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6 Very Disturbing Pokedex Entries in Pokemon Sword & Shield


6 Very Disturbing Pokedex Entries in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Throughout the Pokemon franchise, the Pokedex entries that are laid out for every trainer to look at are usually filled to the brim with strange, odd, and creepy stories pertaining to several Pokemon. And in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the odd Pokedex entries are back and here are just some of the weirder ones that you should know about…


Runerigus, pokemon sword and shield, strange pokedex entries, creepy

This Ground/Ghost-type Pokemon is a new Galarian evolution of Yamask and it might be one of the scariest ones on this list. I’m honestly not sure why an actual trainer would want this on their team but it is a pretty good ‘mon to have on your team… even with its faults.

Its Pokdex description in Pokemon Shield is as follows:

Never touch its shadowlike body, or you’ll be shown the horrific memories behind the picture carved into it.

The picture of the carved stones looks to be some sort of ancient dragon lizard creature but since we don’t any horrific nightmares, I would recommend staying far away from Runerigus.

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