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Destiny 2 Dawning Recipe: How to Make Chocolate Ship Cookies

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Destiny 2 Dawning Recipe: How to Make Chocolate Ship Cookies

How to Make Chocolate Ship Cookies in Destiny 2’s Dawning Event (Recipe)

Destiny 2 is in the holiday spirit, as Bungie has added a lot of interesting new features to the title via its special winter event, The Dawning.  New quests task players with baking various items so spread cheer. One such item is Chocolate Ship Cookies, a favorite of Amanda Holiday. Here’s the recipe and how to bake Chocolate Ship Cookies in Destiny 2. 

For this recipe, players will need to collect ingredients spread throughout the worlds of Destiny 2. To be exact, you’ll need 1 part Cabal Oil, 1 part Null Taste, and 15 Essence of Dawning.

  • To get Cabal Oil, simply defeat Cabal anywhere in the system. It can vary depending on RNG.
  • Null Taste can be picked up a similar way to the Cabal Oil, as it comes from defeating any enemies using void damage. Next it is time to find 15 Essence of Dawning.
  • To obtain this Essence of Dawning, complete Eva’s daily bounties. These bounties are picked up just like any other and can be acquired by simply talking to Eva. Or, you can complete activities such as Heroic Public Events to grind some out after completing the bounties.

Baking the Recipe for Chocolate Ship Cookies

Once you have gotten all of the necessary ingredients, open up Eva’s Holiday Oven in your quests inventory.

Toss in the Cabal Oil, Null Taste, and Essence of Dawning into the respective spots in the oven and it will craft the Chocolate Ship Cookies. Run them over to Amanda Holliday to progress.

That is is everything you need to know about how to make Chocolate Ship Cookies in Destiny 2. Be sure to check our wiki for more information on Destiny 2 and the Shadowkeep expansion.

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