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5 Games From 2019 That Definitely Need a Sequel


5 Games From 2019 That Definitely Need a Sequel

2019 was a fantastic year for new IPs, fresh indies, and types of games that we haven’t seen in a very long time, like a single-player Star Wars game for example. It would be fantastic to see more of that in the years to come so here are fivr amazing games in 2019 that definitely deserve a sequel or a follow-up of some sort.

Astral Chain

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PlatinumGames’ newest IP, Astral Chain, gave fans a highly stylized post-apocalyptic anime world with demons, an amazing soundtrack (with vocals) and kitties, lots and lots of sweet kitties.

Astral Chain’s world was brimming with content and the unique combat system was a fantastic choice that really made this JRPG stand out from Platinum’s other hits.

Returning to this world in a fleshed-out sequel in the future would be incredible and would be welcomed with open arms. As long as there are more motorcycle chases and a bop-tastic soundtrack, you can count me in.

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