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This Death Stranding Fan Art Is Simply Doggo-rific

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This Death Stranding Fan Art Is Simply Doggo-rific

Death Stranding is all about delivering tons of heavy and bulking packages to people while trying to not killed by MULES, BTs, and tall cliffs. Sam Porter Bridges is a human so of course, he only has two legs but do you know what would make delivering these packages much easier? If he had four legs.

Some fantastic fan art that was done by Eriko Pedojan was posted to r/gaming this past weekend and it shows an entirely different take on Death Stranding, a take that shows us what the game would be like if you played as a good ol’ doggo.

If you look closely enough, you can see some little touches that really make this artwork come to life. Instead of carrying around BB, this dog has a cute little puppy on its chest and there are also some food and water bowls hanging off the side of the cargo.

You can check out Eriko’s fanart down below:

Oh, and if you’re reading this Kojima: I would definitely purchase something like this if it was added as paid DLC… just saying.

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