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Jedi Fallen Order: Is it Open World? Answered

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Is it Open World? Answered

Jedi Fallen Order: Is it Open World? Answered

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is finally here, delivering the single-player, story-driven gaming experience fans have been craving for so long. If you’ve been trying to steer clear of spoilers, you might be unaware as to whether Jedi Fallen Order is open world or not. Here’s your answer.

Is Jedi Fallen Order Open World? Answered

In a word, the answer is no. Fallen Order has plenty of large areas to explore but it’s definitely not open world.

Instead, its design has you travel to several different planets over the course of the game. Each is a sizable location with its own terrain to explore, enemies to battle and secrets to uncover, with more of the planet opening up after you’ve obtained certain abilities.

As such, it falls more in line with the Metroidvania genre than the open world genre, providing different areas to explore and poke around in with whatever abilities and skills you learn during your playthrough.

How Linear is the Game?

Of course, this might lead you to ask another question: How linear is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

The answer to that question is a bit more complicated. In some regards, yes, it’s a fairly linear experience. The game funnels you down a specific path that falls in line with progressing the story. You’ll head toward specific objectives, carry out tasks necessary to the plot and make your way from planet to planet at a brisk pace.

At the same time though, the game’s Metroidvania design allows for separate sections and areas of planets that reward you for pouring over every inch of the places you travel to. Some even hold secrets and bonuses for those who return with abilities not previously available to them, making it all the better to stray from the main path the game lays out for you.

Is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Open World?

No. Instead, it’s a semi-linear Metroidvania-esque title, providing you with a core path to follow that allows for divergences here and there.

Hopefully, this cleared up whether Jedi Fallen Order is open world or not. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki as well as this behind the scenes video covering the design inspirations behind the title’s droid companion, BD-1.

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