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Mario Kart Tour: How to Slipstream

mario kart tour slipstream

Mario Kart Tour: How to Slipstream

While the obvious way to get past racers in front of you is to use the vast array of weapons and items in Mario Kart Tour, there are other non-lethal ways of speeding past your opponents. Here’s how to slipstream in Mario Kart Tour.

Slipstreaming in Mario Kart Tour

To slipstream in Mario Kart Tour, simply drive behind another racer as close as you can, without bumping into them. The longer you stay behind the racer, the more you’ll build up your slipstream.

Initially, this will just appear as a faint white ring around your character. However, as long as you stay behind the racer in front of you, the slipstream will build.

You’ll speed up significantly as a result, and white lines will appear where the faint white ring had been, to show you’re going particularly fast.

If you also don’t try and move around the racer in front of you, while slipstreaming you’ll likely knock them out of the way, giving them more of a problem to deal with and (hopefully) pushing them further down the positions.

Tips to Slipstream in Mario Kart Tour

  • If you’re not seeing the faint white ring appearing, get closer.
  • Slipstreaming is easiest to do on straights, so keep this in mind.
  • Be careful of the opponent you’re racing behind dropping an item behind you. Always keep an eye out for when they pick up item boxes.
  • You can chain slipstreams together by moving out of one and past one racer, immediately behind another. You won’t go faster, but you’ll maintain your slipstream boost for longer.

That’s everything you need to know on how to slipstream in Mario Kart Tour. For more guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our handy tips and tricks below.

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