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Jedi Fallen Order: How to Beat Gorgara Boss Fight


Jedi Fallen Order: How to Beat Gorgara Boss Fight

This guide will talk you through everything you need to know on how to beat Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order’s Gorgara boss fight on Dathomir.

Beating Gorgara in Jedi Fallen Order

Gorgara is actually a pretty easy boss battle once you know her attacks, patterns, and how to counter it all. As such, we’ll break down her moves and phases bit by bit below to guide you through every step of this boss fight.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gorgara

First, Gorgara will begin by slamming her wings into the ground, trying to catch you underneath. Evade out of the way of this and wait for Gorgara to do the same thing again with the same wing. This time, it’ll be an unblockable attack, so evade roll back (double press B/ Circle). As long as the attack misses, Gorgara’s wing will be stuck in the ground. Use this opportunity to target her wing (use the right analog stick to change your lock-on target), and go nuts.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order gorgara

You’ll then want to wait for Gorgara to do this again. Rinse and repeat the method above, and once you’ve landed attacks on the same wing for a second time, Gorgara will be stunned.

During this stun animation, you’ll see Gorgara’s glowing blue. Use Force Pull (LT/ L2) to slam Gorgara’s head into the ground. Run over to it, target the head, and unleash your most powerful attacks to deal huge damage. This is the best way to deal big damage to Gorgara, so rinse and repeat this whenever you can.

Another move Gorgara might use in this fight is a headbutt thrust. When the beast is on all-fours, be careful as she’ll suddenly lunge at you. This is another opportunity to get some big hits on its head, so evade back when you see this happening and then run in for some big hits.

During this phase, this boss can also use a wing spin attack, where it’ll run its wing along the ground in an arch shape in front of it. Just make sure you’re evading back when you see Gorgara glowing red for an unblockable attack. Don’t try and get attacks in yourself after this, as it won’t be vulnerable for long enough for you to get back to safety.

Star Wars Fallen Order Gorgara Second Phase

In the later stages of the fight, Gorgara will throw in some additional moves you’ll need to be aware of.

When Gorgara flies and retreats to the opposite side of the arena, she’ll begin sending echo blasts in your direction. To avoid this, evade role to your left or right. After this, Gorgara will try and pull off a giant ground slam attack.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gorgara

For this, the beast will fly up into the sky before slamming itself back down on the floor, causing a shockwave attack that you’ll need to jump over to avoid.

You can use this attack to your advantage, though. As soon as you see the animation beginning, prepare to jump over the oncoming shockwave and towards Gorgara. It’ll be stunned for a little while, so get some attacks in here.

Gorgara will also do a running charge attack across the little area you’re in, but this cannot be blocked so you’re best just avoiding this.

After whittling the boss’ health bar down to just a tiny chunk, Gorgara will fly up and out of the arena through a gap to outdoors. The boss battle is done for now, but that’s not the end of this creepy creature.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gorgara

Climbing the Wall and Finishing Off Gorgara

With Gorgara flying off, you can now return to the body on the floor that you originally went to investigate when entering this area. You’ll now get the Climbing Claws in Star Wars Fallen Order, allowing you to climb faster and on new types of wall surfaces.

Climb the wall right next to this body to exit this arena and continue climbing upwards to find your way out of this cave entirely. Once you’re outside, run across the branch directly in front of you and climb up onto the one just above it at the end. Rest at the meditation point here.

Now climb the wall directly in front of this meditation point. As soon as you do, this will cause our old friend Gorgara to reappear and climb up the wall after us. However, all of this causes debris to fall down towards us.

What you need to do here is keep out of the way of falling debris. If you get hit by any of it, it’s game over. Similarly, if Gorgara catches up with you, it’ll eat you and that’s the end of that. Simply keep to the left when the massive bit of debris falls down the right, and then continue to just climb as quickly as possible. Eventually, you’ll reach the top and Gorgara will pick you up flying off into the air.

At this point, you’ll have to control Cal’s freefall through the air towards Gorgara. When you get close, press LT/ L2 to cling on and wait for the beast to throw you off again. Rinse and repeat two more times to finally kill Gorgara for good in Star Wars Fall Order.

There you have how to beat Gorgara in Jedi Fallen Order. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to head over to our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our guides on the game below.

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