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Jedi Fallen Order: Best Skills Guide


Jedi Fallen Order: Best Skills Guide

If you’re looking to make Cal the strongest Jedi he can possibly be, you’ll want to make use of the Skills he can learn in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Of course, you’re not going to unlock all skills by the time you reach the final boss fight. As such, you might be wondering what the best skills in Jedi Fallen Order are.

Down below, we’ve quickly listed the names of what we’d consider to be the eight best skills in the game. Further down you’ll find out more information about each one and why we consider it to be so darn good.

Best Skills in Jedi Fallen Order

  • Ultimate Force Attunement
  • Expert Survival Skills
  • Grasping Pull
  • Lightsaber Throw
  • Personalized Stims
  • Agile Deflection
  • Dash Strike
  • The Power of Friendship
Star Wars Fallen Order best skills

Ultimate Force Attunement/ Expert Survival Skills

  • Skill Type: Force & Survival
  • Cost: 2 Skill points each
  • Description: Increases Cal’s max Force / health.

We’ve put these two skills together simply because they’re very similar. Ultimate Force Attunement increases Cal’s max Force, while Expert Survival Skills increases Cal’s max health. These both come after other skills which do a similar job, but these increase both more significantly.

They’ll set you back two skill points each, but considering how limited both your health and Force can feel at times in Fallen Order, increasing them is a no-brainer to help make combat that little bit easier.

Grasping Pull

  • Skill Type: Force
  • Cost: 1 Skill point
  • Description: Holding Pull (LT/ L2) allows Cal to pull and hold most enemies. Large enemies can be yanked towards Cal.

We’re all about Grasping Pull. In fact, we found it so useful that it quickly became our signature move in Fallen Order. By holding LT/ L2, players can use the Force to drag an enemy towards them and hold them in front of Cal. By simply attacking once the enemy has been dragged in front of you, you’ll be able to one-hit kill smaller enemies, or get a free hit on tougher enemies.

This makes thinning out a large group of enemies far more manageable, especially if you rinse and repeat the method above. Just remember to keep an eye on your Force meter.

Lightsaber Throw

  • Skill Type: Lightsaber
  • Cost: 3 Skill points
  • Description: Cal throws his lightsaber forward before pulling it back to him, hitting any enemies along the way.

We had to throw this one in, mainly because it’s such a bad-ass move to add into your combo while you’re scrapping with Stormtroopers and the like. As the name suggests, by pressing and holding LB/ L1 while pressing Y/ Triangle, players can throw their lightsaber forward into a group of enemies, deal damage to them, and then hit any enemies it catches on the way back for even more damage.

It’s also one of the moves that truly feels particularly bad-ass, so there’s always that, but this skill is really handy for crowd control.

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