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Everything New We Learned About Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019


Everything New We Learned About Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon 2019

It was leaked and teased at for a while, but Blizzard Entertainment finally made it official at BlizzCon 2019: Overwatch 2 is a thing, and it looks cool.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything new learned about Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon.

There Will Be PvP Cross-Play Between Both Games

This is a big one, and one that will keep the PvP enthusiasts happy. Despite being announced as a sequel to the original game, the PvP modes in Overwatch 2 will be made available in the first game as well, and essentially, both Overwatch and Overwatch 2 players will be able to play together.

According to the game’s official website, “current Overwatch players will battle side-by-side with Overwatch 2 players in PvP multiplayer; they’ll also be able to play Overwatch 2 heroes and maps.”

This is great news for players who don’t care about the PvE and co-op stuff, which is the real meat of the sequel. From what Blizzard is saying at the moment, you’ll basically only have to shell out money for the sequel if you care about the new PvE story content. If not, keep doing what you’re doing.

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