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5 Things to Do First in Death Stranding


5 Things to Do First in Death Stranding

Learn to Balance Properly

Death Stranding doesn’t waste much time in getting you acquainted with Sam’s delivery operations. Almost immediately, you’ll be tasked with carrying cargo towards a distribution center, and you’ll be given an opportunity to get used to the balance mechanics in the game.

Our advice is to spend a bit of time getting a feel for it. That may sound obvious, but you’ll yourself a massive favor by mastering the basics as soon as possible because a heck of a lot of Death Stranding is about balancing huge amounts of cargo on your body.

If we were to dish out some “pro-tips” to set you on your way we’d say keep your turns as smooth as possible and when you do start to tip, don’t be afraid to really hammer on the trigger buttons to get Sam upright again.

Also, keep in mind that holding L2 and R2 down to “grip” your cargo pretty much saves you from falling every time. Once a tip goes too far, just quickly straighten yourself up and press those two trigger buttons down.

Basically, although being smooth in your turns is key, you’ll definitely have to wrestle the triggers a bit to get Sam stable from time to time. Being too soft will cause you to fall.

Another vital tip is that when you finally start undertaking your first delivery missions, use triangle in the menu screen to “optimize” your loadout. This will make walking much easier.

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