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5 Reasons to Play Pokemon Sword and Shield


5 Reasons to Play Pokemon Sword and Shield

All Those New ‘Mon

This practically goes without saying, but the main appeal of any new Pokemon game is all those new adorable creatures you can track down and catch.

While Sword and Shield may have cut out a large swathe of the overall Pokedex, there’s actually a substantial amount of new ‘Mon to discover.

The Galar region comes packed with 81 new Pokemon, as well as 13 Galarian forms of older forms, like the colorful Galarian Ponyta.

Many of the new Pokemon designs are inspired by the United Kingdom-like setting of Galar, like the sheep Pokemon Wooloo or the Corgi-like Yamper.

Regardless of anything else, it’s worth jumping into Sword and Shield simply to see the new creatures.

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