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4 Ways That Steam Can Really Improve to Stay on Top in 2020


4 Ways That Steam Can Really Improve to Stay on Top in 2020

Steam has been the leader in digital game distribution on PC for over a decade. What was once despised by players when the storefront launched back in 2003, has worked hard to become a massive juggernaut that fans do not want to leave behind.

However, over the years, Steam has made multiple different changes to their storefront and client, some for better, some for worse. With even the most recent overhaul to the storefront getting less than stellar reviews.

Although Steam is the leader, there are still many things that can improve. Here are four ways the Steam client and storefront can improve in 2020:

Classic Mode

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Image Via VentureBeat

Let’s face it, although Steam’s recent update made the client more eye-popping and attractive, it isn’t for everyone. Many fans that grew up with the basic UI and storefront for over 10 years have become accustomed to that style and wish they could have it back.

Although Valve’s intentions were good with the latest update, their focus on pushing community and news to the forefront has left some users frustrated with the confusing placement of key areas such as DLC management and reviews.

The other glaring issue is that the library is now filled with any game you have ever played. Remember that game you played for five minutes and instantly deleted back in 2013?

Yeah, neither do we, but this version of Steam does. It remembers it so well in fact that it has decided to add it as a permanent game in your library, leaving your collection a cluttered mess.

Steam needs to allow users to enable a Classic Mode, giving them the old version of Steam if they wish. Not only will it help improve performance, but it will help those that find the new UI too cumbersome and cluttered.

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