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Steam Overhauls Library, Adds New Event Feature, Enters Beta Sept 17

steam library beta

Steam Overhauls Library, Adds New Event Feature, Enters Beta Sept 17

Valve announced today that Steam, their online digital video game distribution service, will be overhauling the user’s library to allow for easier accessibility and added developer features in an opt-in beta coming later this month.

In a blog post today, Valve mentioned that the update will be made available for all users who choose to opt-in to the new Steam library beta when it launches on Sept 17 before mass launching the feature later on down the line for everyone.

One of the main features coming with this beta is the brand new look that the library will be getting, making the landing page for your games far more appealing.

This visual overhaul also adds opportunities to see what games your friends are playing, if there have been any updates for your games, and more.

Valve emphasized in their blog post that they want players to be able to easily see when an update for a game has been released, detailing all of the new features of the game so that players have a reason to hop back in.

Another feature Valve focused on for this library update is Events, a new page for each title you own that will keep players updated on which games are currently running in-game events that may reward players with exclusive items or offering limited time modes.

Using the new Events feature, developers can showcase more than just big updates for their game. Valve mentions in their blog post that developers can also use the Events tab to feature their developer-led live streams, various fan art, or other community challenges to keep players engaged.

Valve insists that despite these new developer features, they will not bombard players with notifications. They feel as though these new systems will strike a perfect balance between players and their library and allow them to easily see what games are updated or are offering something new for them to check out.

Recently, Valve has shown an uptick in updates for its client that has remained largely the same for a majority of its lifetime, rarely getting massive overhauls like the Steam library beta update will bring.

Be sure to opt-in to the brand new Steam library beta on Sept 17 and stay tuned to Twinfinite for more information as to when the update will hit the Steam client officially.

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