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Outer Worlds: How to Hack Terminals

Outer Worlds, How to Hack Terminals

Outer Worlds: How to Hack Terminals

If you’re like most The Outer Worlds players, you’re probably a little unclear on how everything works in the game. That’s why we’re here to walk you through how to hack terminals in Outer Worlds.

As you play through The Outer Worlds, you’ll come across several terminals which can be hacked. Doing so will allow you to unlock doors and access blocked off areas, break computer encryptions and gain access to resources you normally wouldn’t be able to get.

How to Hack Terminals in The Outer Worlds

To hack these terminals though, you’ll need to fulfill a couple requirements.

For starters, you’ll need to have the appropriate skill level needed to hack your intended terminal. This can be done by applying skill points earned from level ups toward the Stealth skill tree, which improves your ability to hack, sneak, and lock-pick.

You’ll also need Bypass Shunts. Like with lock picks and lock-picking you’ll know from other RPGs, these shunts are needed to perform any type of hack, and as such you’ll need a steady supply of them to ensure you aren’t sent packing when you come across a hackable terminal.

And that’s really all you need. There’s no mini-game tied to hacking terminals, so as long as you have these two requirements fulfilled, you’ll be ready to bypass any of these technological barriers you come across.

Is There a Way to Reduce the Item Cost of Hacking Terminals?

Of course, should you find yourself struggling to stay stocked with enough Bypass Shunts in The Outer Worlds, there is a way to decrease the item cost of each hack you perform.

All you need to do is invest in the Hacking skill as often as possible. Doing so will grant you access to skills that decrease the item cost of said action, as well as speed up the process to make it less of a hassle.

Hopefully this cleared up how to hack terminals in Outer Worlds. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki as well as some of our guides on hot topics like whether the game has romance options and whether it’s PS4 Pro and Xbox One X enhanced.

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