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Outer Worlds: Best Damage Type for Every Enemy

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Outer Worlds: Best Damage Type for Every Enemy

The combat in Outer Worlds is all about using your arsenal efficiently to cause the most damage possible. Here are the best types of damage for every enemy in Outer Worlds.

Best Damage Type for Every Enemy in Outer Worlds

In past Obsidian games, you have access to a massive selection of weapons that can wreak havoc on your enemies. Outer Worlds is no different, so there’s plenty of room to find what you prefer.

Even if you start to lean one way or the other, it might be smarter to carry a few different kinds of weapons since the enemies in Outer Worlds have different weaknesses.

Depending on if you’re going up against creatures or robots, you may want to switch up your weapon of choice. Here’s what each one is weak against.

Robot Weakness

This may be common sense based on other video games, but weapons that deal shock damage will be more impactful against robots than any other type of enemy.

The idea here is that the electrical properties of your weapon will short out the robots thus causing more damage to the enemy. Make sure to stock up on these weapons if you have a quest that requires lots of robot battles.

Creature Weakness

Creatures in Outer Worlds have a wide range of appearances, but they all have one thing in common. They’re all exceptionally weak against weapons that deal plasma damage.

Since creatures are all over the place, it’s not a bad idea to always keep your plasma weapons at the ready to take on these enemies as quickly as possible.

Right now this is all we know when it comes to the best damage types for every enemy in Outer Worlds. More details will be added to this guide as we discover more damage-type weaknesses.

If you’re having any troubles with other parts of Outer Worlds, then check out our guide wiki once it goes live or you can just search Twinfinite.

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