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Here’s Why Ray Tracing Is Next Gen’s Home Run Feature

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Here’s Why Ray Tracing Is Next Gen’s Home Run Feature

People often wonder how games are going to look even more realistic than they already do. Although that question may seem quite complex, the answer is simple: ray tracing.

With the official announcement of the PlayStation 5 coming from Sony last week, we were granted the knowledge of a few key features that fans can expect when the console hits store shelves in Holiday 2020.

Yes, features like Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers are important for the amplification of immersion between player and controller, but what is more important is the graphical improvements coming for next-gen games.

One of the biggest features touted in the Wired Article was Ray Tracing, a rendering technique used in games that is able to make lighting more realistic than ever before.

We have compiled information on what exactly Ray Tracing is, why it will be a home run feature for next-gen, and how it will impact games going forward as we ease into a brand new generation.

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