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Atelier Ryza: How to Get Fishing Rod Recipe

Atelier Ryza

Atelier Ryza: How to Get Fishing Rod Recipe

Atelier Ryza has special fishing spots strewn throughout starting area Kurken Island that are only accessible with the fishing rod. Here is what must happen to get the Fishing Rod Recipein Atelier Ryza.

How to Get the Fishing Rod Recipe in Atelier Ryza

A little while into Atelier Ryza’s story you will be tasked with harvesting fruit on the farm, but lack the proper tools, so you must seek out Ryza’s alchemy instructor Empel to see if he can synthesize one for you.

Once you find him, instead of simply handing you a scythe, you are led through a tutorial and left to return to Ryza’s room to create one yourself based on what you were just taught.

Once you have the scythe in hand proceed to the marked field area and harvest the fruit, handing it to Ryza’s father when finished.

With this quest done, Empel will happen on by and give Ryza a book containing the recipes for several gathering tools, including the fishing rod.

However, even with the fishing rod recipe learned it requires level 10 to synthesize, which might be a little above your level at this point, so grind it out right then or let it come naturally, level 10 shouldn’t be that far off. Synthesizing the fishing rod will also get you the Fishing Master trophy if you are playing on PS4.

To recap, here’s how to get the Fishing Rod Recipe in Atelier Ryza:

  1. Find the alchemy instructor Empel to obtain a scythe.

  2. Go through the tutorial section and you’ll obtain the Recipe itself.

  3. Reach level 10 to be able to actually synthesize the rod.

That is everything you need to know for how to get the Fishing Rod Recipe in Atelier Ryza.

If you are looking for more help, search Twinfinite for Atelier Ryza guides.

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