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5 Ways the Epic Games Store Can Be on Par With Steam


5 Ways the Epic Games Store Can Be on Par With Steam

The Epic Games Store is still somewhat in its infancy, but has been improving steadily since its launch in December 2018. However, there are still many ways that the Epic Games Store can improve, especially when compared to its main competitor, Steam.

Although the incentive of getting free games every week is nice, the Epic Games Store still lacks important functionality that Steam has had for years.

Here are five ways that the Epic Game Store can improve:

Better Game Management

ways epic games store can improve

The Epic Games Store library is one of the weakest parts of the client. While Steam is constantly revamping and updating the way they feature games to their audience, Epic seems to fall short when it comes to its game management.

For starters, the Epic Games Store has minimal organization when it comes to its library. Steam allows its users to make individual categories or folders to better organize your games.

You can list games by their type such as VR or applications, or even make custom categories such as “Shooters” to put all of your FPS games in.

Currently, there is no such feature in the Epic Games Store, minimizing users’ ability to properly categorize their games.

The Epic Games Store currently only allows for list view, or grid view. Steam allows for the same type of categorization but also allows users to zoom in and out to change the size of the grid view, an option that is sorely lacking in the Epic Games Store.

In order for the Epic Games Store to improve, they need to add more options to help users list their games and provide them with a way to build sub-folders to keep things nice and neat.

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