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5 Video Games That Have So Much Lore It’s Insane


5 Video Games That Have So Much Lore It’s Insane

It’s not uncommon for a video game series to have a metric ton of lore, but it’s another matter entirely when a single game carries a library’s worth of lore all on its own. Case in point: These are five video games that have so more lore, only the most hardcore of hardcore fans will be able to absorb all of it.

Dark Souls

It would be an understatement to say that Dark Souls has more lore hidden throughout its world than most other games could ever hope to muster on their surface.

From weapons detailing the fates of their former masters to a corpse found in a dungeon revealing the sad end of a former ally, almost every aspect of Dark Souls’ world contributes to the wider lore in some way.

In turn, this means that most everything you come across can be valuable in terms of learning more about how the world became the way it is, what is in store for it if you succeed or fail in your quest and so much more.

To be fair, this can make the game properly massive and intimidating if you aren’t deadset on learning everything they can about the Kingdom of Lordran. If you are though, it makes the game a treasure trove of information to glean, analyze and connect, turning the game into an immersive puzzle you can spend days upon days completing.

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