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5 Things You Should Know Before Starting The Outer Worlds


5 Things You Should Know Before Starting The Outer Worlds

It’s Big on Player Choice, But Shorter Than You Might Expect

If you’ve played RPGs like Fallout 3 you know how huge the experience is on player choice, and The Outer Worlds is the same way, especially considering it comes from the makers of Fallout New Vegas.

The Outer Worlds casts you as a lone adventurer in the Halcyon Colony, a colony run by mega-corporations and The Board. Each and every quest in the game has some degree of choice in it, and that’s not just the choice you make in dialogue.

There are multiple ways to solve quests or make it through areas, and the game really wants the experience to be unique to each player.

The story can diverge in drastically different ways depending on which companies or groups you side with, and what your reputation with them is.

Because of this, if you really want to see every aspect of The Outer World’s story, you’ll need to play through at least twice. The good news, however, is that the game isn’t nearly as long as something like Fallout 3.

The Outer World’s main story can be completed in roughly 10-12 hours, with all the side content bumping that up to somewhere in the 30 hour range. Luckily, that choice aspect provides enough variation to keep things interesting.

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