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5 Best Games in the PSN Games of a Generation Sale You Should Buy

games of the generation

5 Best Games in the PSN Games of a Generation Sale You Should Buy

Sony is back for your money again with another sale, this time the theme revolves around games of the generation.

As we near the end of the PlayStation 4’s life, Sony is taking it upon themselves to highlight some of the greatest games to grace the system since it launched in 2013.

If you have missed any of these games over the past six years, there is no better time than now to catch up and grab these amazing titles on a budget before the sale ends on Oct 15.

The Witness

games of a generation sale
  • Original Price: $39.99
  • Sale Price: $15.99 (60% off)

The Witness is a first-person puzzle-solving adventure that takes you into a colorful world filled with secrets to solve.

The Witness was created by game designer Jonathan Blow, who is mostly known for his indie classic, Braid, that released in 2008.

Blow has taken the same ingenuity that made that game great and amplified it by eleven in The Witness.

The goal of the game is to explore a giant open world that is filled with line puzzles on various panels. Once you have completed a section of the world’s puzzles, a giant laser will appear.

Unlocking enough of these lasers will open the final area of the game that is sure to test all of the knowledge you have learned over the course of the game.

What makes the game great is its ability to say so much while saying nothing at all.

The player is completely on their own to figure out the rules of each puzzle, using trial and error to understand the complex rules that The Witness puts forth.

Nothing is more satisfying than having the proverbial lightbulb go off in your head as you finally discover the rules of a puzzle and continue to combine those rules with others to complete the game.

If you missed The Witness back in 2016, be sure to grab it during this Games of a Generation Sale on PSN before it ends on Oct. 15!

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