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Surge 2: How to Beat Little Johnny

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Surge 2: How to Beat Little Johnny

The Surge 2’s most difficult enemies are its boss fights and Little Johnny is no exception. Encountered in Port Nixon, Johnny sits atop a robotic Spider that he uses to chase you around a large arena. He’s capable of inflicting massive physical damage, as well as hurt you with some unusual ranged attacks. Here we’ll go over how to beat Little Johnny in Surge 2.

How to Beat Little Johnny in Beat Little Johnny in Surge 2

As with other bosses in the game, there’s more to beating Little Johnny than just hitting him opportunistically. Your objective is first to break the five cooling tanks that power his robotic spider. There are two attached to the cockpit and one on each of its legs.

Since you’ll typically have only a short window to inflict damage to Jonny’s cooling tanks in between his attacks, we recommend using a weapon with a bit of length to it for this boss fight.

When the fight begins, Little Johnny will waste no time closing the distance and attempting to cause damage. Your first move should be to evade his incoming attacks and lock onto one of the cooling tanks attached to the cockpit.

Johnny will swipe at you once you’ve got into attack range, which you’ll want to counter by directional blocking. By timing this accurately three consecutive times, Johnny will slump to the floor and you’ll have a few moments to beat him up.

As the battle continues, Johnny will start to throw different attack moves. He’ll frequently stand up tall and slam himself down to the ground. Be sure to dodge out the way when he telegraphs this move. You can also actually bait him into this move by standing underneath, then striking when he hits the floor.

Sometimes when Johnny stands up tall he’ll spew small attack mines from his belly rather than slamming down. When he does this, get out of the way and avoid the mines that come toward you.

It’s really a case of trying to repeat the process of countering his melee moves or baiting him into slamming to the ground so that you can get in and attack his cockpit cooling tanks.

Once these have been destroyed, Johnny moves into a second phase which involves him using an attack that spews a poisonous green wave at you. It’s a powerful attack, but it’s also a great time to swoop in and target the cooling tanks on his legs.

Beware of his standard attacks during this second phase, as he’ll still swipe at you and spew mine drones as well. Don’t get too greedy and stay disciplined to only attack Jonny when he’s vulnerable. Before too long you’ll have him beat.

It’s worth noting that if you cut both pincers from the boss, you’ll drop V2 Boss Weapons, that deals poison damages.

That should give you a pretty comprehensive walkthrough of how to beat Little Johnny in The Surge 2. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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