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October 2019 Games with Gold Predictions


October 2019 Games with Gold Predictions

The Bigger Game – Alien: Isolation

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You may be wondering what free games you will be able to nab this coming month of October 2019 through your Xbox Live Gold subscription with Games with Gold.

While the full, official list has yet to be revealed by Microsoft, we have some predictions as to what might be included based on past trends by the company. At the time of writing, one game has been revealed, being We Were Here offered for free through Xbox Live Gold from Sept. 16 to Oct. 15.

Besides that, usually one larger game headlines the list, and for October 2019 we highly suspect Alien: Isolation would be a possible choice for a few different reasons.

First released in October 2014, this survival/horror game follows Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, 15 years after the events in the original Alien film. You must sneak around the spaceship to plot your escape while hiding to avoid the monstrous Xenomorph.

Microsoft would be smart to choose a horror game during the month of October to market alongside Halloween. In the past we have seen Darksiders II in October 2014, The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season in October 2015, and I Am Alive in October 2016.

Including Alien: Isolation follows this train of thought. When a horror-based game is included on Games with Gold, this melds well with the inevitable sales Microsoft does yearly of Halloween-y games around the last few weeks of October.

Alien: Isolation also often goes on sale on multiple platforms, sometimes at over 50% off priced at $20 or below. Games that often go on sale are usually more often the types of games that end up being offered for free in the long-term.

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