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NBA 2K20: How to Upgrade Your Player


NBA 2K20: How to Upgrade Your Player

The best way to move backward is by standing still. If your player in NBA 2K20 is maintaining the status quo, then you’ll never get that championship ring you desire. Here’s how you can upgrade your player in NKA 2K20.

How to Upgrade Your Player in NBA 2K20

When you’re upgrading your player in the MyCareer mode you’ll want to take into account which stats to upgrade based upon your position.

If you’re gonna be the big man constantly posting up down low and grabbing rebounds, then don’t worry yourself too much with upgrading your three-point shooting skill.

VC, NBA 2K20’s in-game currency, can be scarce if you don’t buy it with real-world money and just earn it by performing well in games. That makes allocating this currency properly an important skill to learn.

Once you know what you want to upgrade for your player, then you can hit the Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One), or X (Switch) button to pull up the Main Menu, then go to the Attributes menu to find upgradeable skills.

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Each one of these skills can be upgraded using VC and will require more of the in-game currency as the stat values increase. As your player in NBA 2K20 gets better the more VC they’ll need to upgrade their stats.

Badges are another way to help boost the skills of your MyCareer player. These work almost like in-game achievements that require you to perform certain tasks a set number of times in order to obtain the badge.

There are ones that have you block a certain number of shots or set enough picks to obtain the badge. Once these badges are earned, then they will improve a certain aspect of your player’s game without spending any VC.

Sure, this means you can spend your NBA 2K20 VC on aesthetic upgrades and collect badges instead. However, that will make upgrading your player take exceptionally longer than it should.

How to Upgrade Your Player in NBA 2K20

  1. Press the Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One), or X (Switch) button

    This will bring up the Main Menu

  2. Navigate to the Attributes Menu

    This will display all your current stats along with available upgrades

  3. Use your VC to upgrade your stats

    Choose your upgrades wisely

  4. Alternatively, upgrade skills with badges

    Performing certain tasks enough times (like blocking or setting picks) will earn you badges to upgrade those skills

That’s all there is to know about upgrading your player in NBA 2K20. If you need help in any other parts of the game, then just check out our NBA 2K20 Wiki.

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