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NBA 2K20: Advanced Passing Guide

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NBA 2K20: Advanced Passing Guide

Basketball has always been a team sport, relying on passing in order to effectively put the ball in the hoop. The virtual version of the game is no different, as NBA 2K20 places a heavy emphasis on passing the ball to score. In order to be the best passer around, check out our advanced passing guide for NBA 2K20.

While passing may sound as simple as pressing X/A button to pass the ball from one pas to another, NBA 2K20’s advanced passing system has a few different ways it can be done.

Advanced Passing in NBA 2K20

Pass TypeButton (PS4/Xbox One/ Switch)
Normal PassX/A/B
Bounce PassCircle/B/A
Fake PassTriangle/Y/X
Jump PassSquare+X/X+A/Y+B
Icon PassR1 + Specific Player
Flashy PassDouble Tap Circle/B/A
Alley OopDouble Tap Triangle/Y/X
Basket PassHold Triangle/Y/X
Touch PassX Before First Player Gets the Ball
Pro Stick PassHold R1 + Move Right Stick in a Direction
Give and GoHold X Until Caught, Move Off Ball Holding X, Then Release

It is important to keep in mind that specific passes really only work in the right situations with the advanced passing system.

You can’t spam the alley oop pass and expect it to go in every time. You’ll need to have an opening, as well as a player on the receiving end that has good stats.

Likewise, there are times where it’s better to bounce or touch pass versus doing a normal pass.

That is everything you need to know about advanced passing in NBA 2K20. For more helpful tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our guide wiki.

We’ve listed a few of our most popular ones below to help get the ball rolling.

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