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The MediEvil Remake Has Gone Gold, Launching Before Halloween


The MediEvil Remake Has Gone Gold, Launching Before Halloween

Despite our prediction that the game wouldn’t hit its 2019 release year, developer Other Ocean proved us wrong: MediEvil has gone gold, meaning we will get to revisit Gallowmere just in time for Halloween.

A photo of the remake’s gold master, the final version of a game sent to the publisher before being copied and sold, was shown in a recent tweet by Other Ocean.

Although Other Ocean says “It’s the little things,” carrying a game from inception to release is never a small task, even for a remake.

This is especially true here, as the game is being remade from the ground up, much like the recent Crash and Spyro remakes.

Initially released on PlayStation in 1998, MediEvil received moderate praise and sales, thanks to its goofy and spooky style set to chaotic hack and slash combat and platforming challenges.

The game received a sequel in 2000 for the PlayStation, as well as a re-imagining of the original, titled MediEvil: Resurrection, for the PlayStation Portable.

The PlayStation 4 remake was revealed back in December of 2017, when President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden announced that the remake was “coming soon” at the PSX opening celebration.

It wouldn’t be until Halloween of 2018 when we’d see actual footage of the game, but the “bone-chillingly gorgeous” visuals were worth the wait.

In May of 2019, Sony released another trailer for the game during its “State of Play” presentation, along with the game’s release date.

With the game having gone gold, all signs point to MediEvil making its release date of Oct. 25, right before Halloween.

The remake will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

For more on MediEvil, check out last month’s behind-the-scenes trailer, our feature on nine remasters and remakes in 2019 that look worthy of your time, and 15 of the most tragically forgotten PlayStation IPs.

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