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Code Vein: How to Get Haze Fast

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Code Vein: How to Get Haze Fast

In Code Vein Haze is the most important thing you’ll collect. Basically the game’s equivalent of Souls, you use Haze for literally everything; leveling up, buying gifts, buying items, upgrading weapons, and more. With that, you’ll be wanting to know how to get Haze fast in Code Vein.

How to Get Haze Fast in Code Vein

First things first, your main way of getting Haze is by killing enemies. Each enemy you kill will reward you with the resource, and as you get further in the game enemies will drop more and more.

Every time you rest at a Mistle, all enemies in the area will respawn, so you’re more than able to grind enemies and rack up Haze if you want to spend time doing so.

With that out of the way, let’s go over a few other specific ways to get Haze.

Here are a few ways of racking up Haze in Code Vein.

  1. Sell old weapons and Blood Veils.

    By talking to Murasame at Home Base you can sell items, weapons, and Blood Veils. While you won’t get a ton of Haze, there’s no point in holding onto loads of weapons or Blood Veils, so just unload them.

  2. Use Loss Shards and Crystals

    Enemies will often drop Loss Shards, and you can also find them in the environment. When used these will give you a set amount of Haze, but you have to go into your inventory to use them.

  3. Explore the Depths

    Through the game you’ll find maps for an area called the Depths, small optional dungeons you can travel to by talking to Davis. These can be a great option for grinding out Haze, as they’re smaller and more combat-focused than the main areas.

  4. Use the Mercury Blood Code and Revenant’s Hunger Gift.

    The Mercury Blood Code is gained by talking to Coco at Home Base, and by finding the Survivor Vestige II in Ashen Cave you can unlock Revenant’s Hunger, a hugely useful passive ability that boosts the amount of Haze you get by beating enemies.

Recovering Lost Haze

You’ll want to be careful with your Haze, as if you die you get one chance to recover it before it’s lost forever. Of course, you can go back to the spot of your death and pick it up, but there’s also another option, with a bit of a tradeoff.

When you die you can head to Home Base and go to the Hot Spring. There you have the option of recovering half of your lost Haze instantly, while the other half will be gone forever.

You might be losing out on some, but it could be the better option in the end if you think you’ll have trouble getting back to the spot of your death.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Haze fast in Code Vein.

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