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How Long Arkham Knight Takes to Beat

How long it takes to beat Arkham Knight

How Long Arkham Knight Takes to Beat

Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest free game offering from PS Plus and it might be your first time playing it in a while. It might even be your first time playing the game. Regardless, you might wondering how long your final Batman journey will last. Here’s how long Arkham Knight takes to beat.

Arkham Knight is a different game than what it was when it first launched. It’s received quite a few free DLC offerings as well as a handful of paid DLC story additions.

How Long Arkham Knight Takes to Beat

If you’re just concerned with playing through the base story, according to, which is a site that aggregates times posted by actual players and determines the average time it takes to beat a game, Arkham Knight’s base story will take you 16 hours.

To complete the main story and all of the extras, howlongtobeat says you will need to play for 29 hours.

Now, if you’re a completionist or someone looking to gather all gamerscore or trophies, you’ll need to spend about 46.5 hours.

How Long to Beat Batman Arkham Knight

Below is a handy break down of the times for you.

Base Story Length16 hours
Main Story + Extras Length29 hours
Completionist Length46.5

That’s it for our guide on how long Arkham Knight takes to beat. The game is available for free to PlayStation Plus members in September, so be sure to jump in or add it to your library while you can. It is the conclusion to one of the best action series of recent years.

For more information about the game, be sure to check out our Arkham Knight Guide Wiki. There, we have tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you take Gotham City back one more time. Here are some other guides on Twinfinite to get you started:

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