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Top 6 Best PSVR Games of 2019 so Far


Top 6 Best PSVR Games of 2019 so Far

Blood & Truth

blood and truth, psvr

Sony London’s PlayStation VR Worlds has been one of the best selling PSVR games since the system launched and it showed off what was possible on the system through a variety of short experiences.

The shark tank mini-game was a talking point to show off to VR newbies and London Heist was the first example of an action movie we’d seen on the platform. Blood & Truth is the evolution of The London Heist, developing the basic idea into a six hour, action packed shooter.

It’s got all the collectibles, weapon mods, and set-pieces that you’d expect from the likes of Call of Duty, but it’s the gameplay that shines. You’ll be climbing through run down London blocks of flats, the reloading and shooting are complex but satisfying, and the movement feels natural.

The story is a little cheesy, as you’d expect, but as a high-octane thrill ride, it’s the best you’ll find on PSVR. Also, it’s one of only a few original games on Sony’s system that can be considered a traditional ‘fully fledged’ game. It’s the blockbuster that PSVR needed.

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