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Top 10 Best Licensed Games of All Time That You Need to Play


Top 10 Best Licensed Games of All Time That You Need to Play

Licensed properties and video games have had a rocky relationship, to say the least. More often than not, a popular franchise that seems destined to make a splash in the world of video games usually ends up belly-flopping headfirst into the concrete.

Although a majority of them are not worth anyone’s time, there are a few that not only break through the negative stigma of licensed games, but also manage to stand on their own as incredible experiences in their own right.

Here are 10 of the best licensed games of all time.

Goldeneye 007

No list aggregating the best licensed games of all time is complete without the inclusion of Goldeneye 007.

Launching back in August 1997 for the Nintendo 64, the game was based on the James Bond movie of the same name that released two years prior.

Goldeneye 007 was not only a significant title for the console, but it helped change the gaming landscape for first-person shooter games on a console as well.

A genre that was once looked at as being for PC only by some gamers at the time, Goldeneye 007 helped shake that perception by providing a revolutionary control scheme, making it easy to aim, shoot, and run using a console controller.

Goldeneye 007 wasn’t only a critical success, but it was a commercial success as well, selling over 8 million copies and earning itself a spot at number three on the best selling Nintendo 64 games of all time.

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