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Pokemon Masters: 5 Things to Do First


Pokemon Masters: 5 Things to Do First

Pokemon Masters is finally here, and it’s the perfect game for the trainers out there who are totally battle-orientated. Before you jump into the world of Pokemon unprepared, there are a few things we recommend you do as soon as you land in Centra City’s Pokemon Center.

If you weren’t super impressed by Go’s battle mechanics and Pokemon Quest didn’t quite do it for you, then look no further than DeNa’s contribution to the Pokemon pile.

Things You Should Do First in Pokemon Masters

Learn Your Way Around

It might seem a bit daunting to be thrown into Pasio’s Centra City, so our first recommendation is certainly to learn your way around.

The Pokemon Centre in Centra City will be your base of operations, thanks to the three amazing girls who run it; Trista, Trinnia and Tricia.

Directly facing you as you enter the Pokemon Centre is Trista, and you will go to her at the beginning of the game to start your first challenge.

From then on, Trista is your portal to the Pokemon Masters main story and challenges.

You then have Trinnia to your right, who helps you edit your team, level up, increase your potential and organise the teaching of moves.

To the left of the room you will encounter Tricia, who can help you sync your pair scout, purchase gems and exchange items.

You can use gems at her desk to sync up with new trainers, all with a variety of different rarities.

When you’ve figured out where everything is, you’ll find navigating the city a whole lot easier.

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