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Oxygen Not Included: How to Cool Water

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Oxygen Not Included: How to Cool Water

To succeed in Oxygen Not Included, you’re going to need to practically master a whole new periodic table. The staggering depth of the game’s mechanics sprawls across dozens of different systems that can be confusing and frustrating to get your head around at first. Here’s how to cool water in the game if you’re struggling to avoid catastrophe.

It’s a game of crisis management, essentially, as you quickly try and learn how to solve each problem before your colony is killed –basically because you’re not clever enough!

What You Need to Do to Cool Water in Oxygen Not Included

So you finally found a map with a Geyser, right? Good stuff, except for the fact that any water you pump out is well over 100 degrees and completely useless. That means you’ll be wanting to find some way to cool it down.

There are two ways we’ve found that can cool water down. In brief, one is to seal off the geyser with Abyssalite tiles, leaving enough room to run a liquid pump from inside to out using an Abyssalite pump.

This method will reduce the temperature enough for applications like the Lavatory and Shower. A detailed walkthrough from YouTube user Grind This Game will help you do it.

A more satisfactory way is to build a water chilling machine. This is done by using a steam turbine, which takes water from the geyser, running it through a liquid reservoir, then to a thermo aquatuner, and then to a second reservoir.

For the complete video tutorial, check out YouTube user Dalkome’s detailed walkthrough.

Hopefully, that gives you some good ideas about how to cool water in Oxygen Not Included. If you think you have found some better methods or need clarification on the information we’ve provided then feel free to sound off in the comments. For everything else on the game, search Twinfinite.

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